Portrait Yuta Okayama


研究開発本部長 岡山 雄太


Portrait Yuta Okayama

Yuta Okayama

Head Crop Protection Development, Japan

"It's a constant battle for farmers to prevent birds from eating seeds or damaging crops as they grow. Birds quickly adapt to traditional scare tactics, so to help our rice farmers produce more sustainable
crops, we are seeking innovative bird repellent solutions that are effective in paddy fields, but can, ideally be applied to other crops too."

Portrait Cai Wen

Cai Wen

Senior Scientist Trait Biology

"Being able to diagnose and discard poor performing seed varieties early in our development cycle will enable us to focus resources on accelerating the introduction of essential crop traits to help farmers produce better and more productive crops sustainably."

Bursting with colors! Color segmentation is the first step of many imaging pipelines that isolate the objects of interest from the background. 

This tool allows users to work intuitively and cherry-pick colors by their nominal name. It is tuned to work with the colors of plants, and has a powerful interface to help users achieve superior segmentation without the need for a neural network.

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Did you know that chemical reaction data is somehow “special” and that it naturally aggregates in a beautiful network? 

Our python toolkit LinChemIn can help you navigate the marvelous world of the Linked Chemical Information by allowing you to manipulate and analyze synthetic routes and reaction networks. Click on our LinChemIn GitHub project and start exploring the wired universe of chemical reaction data!

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Matthew Bramlett Portrait

Matthew Bramlett

Principle Scientist – Insect and Herbicide Trait Discovery

Identifying novel and efficacious insect control traits is a key challenge for the entire agricultural industry. A significant decision point for a new trait is determining if we have found a novel mode-of-action. To improve our decisions, we are looking for faster and more efficient methods to allow us to characterize and differentiate binding sites of our candidate proteins. I’m excited to see what new methodologies are being developed for other applications and in other industries that can accelerate our agricultural product development. Advancements here will help Syngenta more rapidly develop technologies and products that growers across the globe need.”  

Battling malaria, a debilitating disease affecting millions, just got a powerful new tool! As mosquito resistance to pyrethroids threatens current prevention methods, the R Package 'detsims' offers a framework for simulating and comparing resistance-management strategies.

This tool could help delay the evolution of resistance to new insecticides. The package includes model definitions, simulation executions, and visualization of results, making it an essential tool for fighting malaria.

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Find the perfect name for your next big project with Nomius!

This tool checks the availability of domain and package names for a list of provided names, so you can easily register a short and memorable name without the hassle of manual searches. Say goodbye to tedious checks and hello to quick results, with Nomius you can check dozens of names in just a minute!

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