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Novel microalgae strains, extracts, and byproducts for agriculture

Closing Date: 30 September 2024

Portrait Zaida Andres Gonzalez

“We are looking to collaborate with R&D partners beyond agriculture to access microalgae strains and explore their potential to help farmers protect their crops from cold stress during germination and seedling establishment.”

Zaida Andres Gonzalez, Global Head of Chemistry and Formulation Science, Syngenta Biologicals


Syngenta is seeking microalgae strains, extracts, or byproducts from microalgae production for the development of novel agricultural products. Microalgae strains with proven biostimulant activity are of particular interest, with efficacy towards combating cold stress or improving seedling establishment.

As a global leader in biological technologies, Syngenta is continuously working to discover and develop new technologies for innovation in agriculture. Previous research has indicated that certain microalgal strains possess these biostimulant effects due to their various naturally occurring bioactive compounds.

The biological diversity and the broad applications for microalgae products makes microalgae a promising platform for exploration. By increasing the pipeline of discovery for novel microalgae strains and suppliers, Syngenta aims to enable the discovery and development of new biostimulant technologies. Syngenta is looking for suppliers of these or other microalgal strains with available samples; potential to scale is preferred but not required. Innovative microalgal cultivation technologies are also of interest.

Syngenta is looking to collaborate with suppliers, researchers, universities, and R&D partners across industries with access to microalgae strains – e.g. pharma, cosmetics, consumer healthcare – to explore their use in agriculture.

What we're looking for

  • Novel strain that is not commercially available in the agricultural sector (small-scale producers acceptable) or innovative microalgae cultivation technologies
  • Samples available for evaluation (minimum sample size 0.5-1L)
  • Efficacy data to confirm the strain’s ability to combat cold stress or improve seedling germination
  • IP FTO
  • Hypothesis as to why the strain could be efficacious in combatting cold stress or improve seedling establishment
  • Capability for large-scale production and supply
  • Regulatory compliance (especially as it pertains to contaminants)
  • Preliminary high-level assessment on toxicological properties (e.g Literature)

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