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Sourcing novel seaweed species for biostimulants

Closing Date: 30 September 2024

Portrait Alessandro Biasone

"We are looking to collaborate with R&D partners beyond agriculture to access seaweed samples and extracts, because believe their unique properties could help farmers improve plant and soil health."

Alessandro Biasone, Global Head of Chemistry and Formulation Science, Syngenta Biologicals


Syngenta is seeking suppliers of novel seaweed species or seaweed extracts for use in agriculture, with interest in wild or farmed species that can be produced at scale.

A large number of seaweed species are present in the world, their different biochemical composition makes them very attractive in different biotechnological applications. Research has shown that seaweed’s chemical profiles are not comparable to other biological sources (e.g. microbials, plant extracts, fine chemicals), while offering renewable sourcing and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Currently, only a small number of seaweed species are used commercially, primarily driven by markets for seaweed-derived hydrocolloids and other high-grade products for food, feed and pharmaceutical applications. Syngenta has particular interest in seaweeds beyond these species, and is open to non-food-grade seaweed products or extracts appropriate for agricultural applications.

Syngenta is looking to collaborate with suppliers, researchers, universities, and R&D partners across industries – e.g. pharma, cosmetics, consumer healthcare – that have access to novel seaweed species, extracts or their byproducts.

What we're looking for

  • Not commercially available in the agricultural sector
  • Ability to provide samples for evaluation (at least 5 samples from different batches, minimum sample size 500g (dried) each, and all relevant batch production data)
  • Capability for extraction of relevant compounds and large-scale production and supply
  • IP FTO
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Preliminary high-level assessment on tox. Properties (e.g Literature)

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