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Accelerating product innovation

Novel technologies

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"There is an urgent need to increase food productivity whilst reducing the environmental impacts of agriculture. Many new technologies and innovations have the potential for use in sustainable food production. If you have a good idea that might help improve the food system, let us know!”

Dave Hughes, Head Technology Identification & Evaluation

We know we don't have all of the answers.

There are many  scientific breakthroughs that are being researched and developed in the agricultural field and beyond.

Let us know if you are working on a research proposal or have technology that doesn't exactly fit one of our challenges or focus areas. We have over 5,000 scientists working on a multitude of projects at any given time, so your idea could spark a new collaboration area.

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What we can offer you


Access to expertise including our 6,000+ forward thinking scientists

Realize real world potential from your research

Through our global reach and market knowledge we can help deliver impact from your research or technology

Funding and backing

We are able to fund selected projects to drive toward commercialization through our global footprint. We'll discuss with you how best we can take forward your technology or research together

New avenues and opportunities

Shared passion to tackle agriculture’s most complex challenges, increase innovation, and advance more sustainable agriculture

Work with us to help feed the world

Our people are specialists: they are innovators, scientists, engineers, technologists, regulatory experts and data scientists in multiple fields.