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Portrait Jonathan Campbell

Jonathan Campbell

Head of Technology Acquisition and Collaboration-Syngenta Professional Solutions

Strategic partnerships are a key pillar of our strategy in Syngenta Professional Solutions.  We are constantly looking for mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities that allow us to bring new solutions to our customers

We provide solutions for professional turf managers, landscape operators, ornamental growers and consumers, together with solutions for professional pest managers and vector control customers. 

Building on our crop protection capabilities, we aim to increase productivity, protect the environment and quality of life. We are a global team, sharing our customers’ passion and creativity.

Through a combination of Syngenta’s world-class science and global expertise matched with investment in new and emerging technologies, we deliver innovative solutions to protect the places where you live, work and play.

Man letting soil fall through his hand

We are interested in...

Novel small molecule chemicals that may be used to control weeds, plant diseases and pests such as insects and rodents

Such as...

  • Molecules acting via novel modes of action (e.g. by interacting with novel target proteins) ​
  • New ways of achieving biological effects (e.g. targeted protein degradation) ​
  • Non-cidal approaches for example plant immune stimulants ​
  • Molecules that overcome existing pest resistance 
Offering choice to our customers through the development of biological agents that can be used to control weeds, plant diseases and insect pests, and also biological agents that can enhance tolerance to environmental stresses, enable lower levels of water or fertilizer to be applied, or which improve performance by activating natural processes in the plant
  • Biological agents may include natural chemicals, extracts and lysates, semiochemicals, biopolymers (such as proteins, peptides and nucleic acids), and living microbes (such as bacteria or fungi)​
  • Technologies that can control insect pests and fungal diseases​
  • Products that optimize fertilizer efficiency​
  • Products that can enhance the robustness of crops to heat and drought stress​
  • Natural extracts that can boost crop yields

We are interested in...

Digital technologies that help our customers be more productive

Such as...

  • High precision and robotic application systems that enable highly targeted placement of inputs such as pesticides and fertilizer​
  • Methods of monitoring potential weed, pest and disease infestations before they become obvious​
  • Sensors for monitoring environmental and soil conditions​
  • Analytical and predictive modeling methods that enable growers to translate data and information from the field into actionable insights to improve performance

What we can offer you

Collaborator of choice

For hundreds of institutions, our innovative and forward thinking scientists are keen to explore how we can partner for success

Realize real world potential from your research

Through our global reach and market knowledge we can help deliver impact from your research or technology

Funding and backing

We are able to fund selected projects to drive toward commercialization through our global footprint. We'll discuss with you how best we can take forward your technology or research together

New avenues and opportunities

Shared passion to tackle agriculture’s most complex challenges, increase innovation, and advance more sustainable agriculture

Work with us to help feed the world

Our people are specialists: they are innovators, scientists, engineers, technologists, regulatory experts and data scientists in multiple fields.