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Seeking: Bird repellents for crops

Closing Date: August 2nd 2024

Portrait Yuta Okayama

“Birds quickly adapt to traditional scare tactics, so to help our rice farmers produce more sustainable crops, we are seeking innovative bird repellent solutions that are effective in paddy fields, but can, ideally be applied to other crops too."

Yuta Okayama, Head Crop Protection Development, Japan


Syngenta is seeking solutions that deter birds (ducks, sparrow, pigeons, black birds etc.) from damaging crops such as rice in Japan and cereals and corn in Europe, from seed to full stage crop.

Bird damage has long been a persistent challenge faced by farmers and results in reduced plant stand and ultimately lowers crop yields. Traditional scare tactics and physical barriers have provided some relief, but they fall short in offering sustainable, cost-effective, and non-harmful solutions.

Japan Rice farming practices are shifting towards direct seeding. Direct seeding has the promise of significantly increasing rice farming efficiency, thereby reducing labour demands and environmental impact. The adoption of direct seeding can lead to sustainable agriculture practices including reduced CO2 emissions by bypassing the nursery stage and planting process. Therefore, it is key to protect the seed and seedling vigour from these new direct seeding practices, as well as continued support throughout the growing period.

Syngenta is seeking innovative bird repellent solutions, that will not cause any long-term harm to wildlife, including birds and other species. We are open to exploring many different types of solutions including chemical, physical and technological repellents.

What we're looking for

  • Reduces impact on crop yield from bird damage
  • Seed and crop safe
  • Reduces impact on seed viability from bird damage
  • Does not cause long-term harm to wildlife, including birds and other species
  • Easy to implement in rice paddies systems, considering the diverse regions, landscape, and practices
  • Potential to scale efficiently
  • Solutions to address the challenge faced by rice farmers in Japan
  • Effectively deter various bird species with different behaviours to ensure comprehensive protection
  • Effective throughout the growth period of the crop, from seed planting to rice harvest
  • Provide a solution that birds cannot quickly learn or adapt to, ensuring lasting effectiveness
  • Solutions to address the challenges faced by cereal and corn farmers in Europe

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